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Death and Passion of Jesus Christ

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Semana Santa or Easter Holy Week is one Spain's richest traditions and hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the area to witness the event. Apart from many processions and religious activities around the island, one of the very best of the Easter events in Tenerife to see is the Via Crucis in the Historical Village of Adeje. More than 300 local amateur actors and actress take part and, as a mark of how important this has become, the two hours event is transmitted live on TV. Visitors do not have to misunderstand the word amateur. In this case, it merely refers to the fact that actors and actress are not being paid to partake. However, the performances are first rate, with operatic singing, superb costumes and realistic attention to detail, including an almost alarmingly convincing crucifixion. This is held on Good Friday from 12:00 midday in the open air, in and around the main street in the town of Adeje. This is a reenactment of the most relevant scenes from the last hours of the life of Jesus Christ.