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San Sebastian

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In La Enramada, the first appearance of the holy statue of “La Virgen de La Encarnación” patron saint of the devotional natives of Adeje was wittnessed. Furthermore, the first chapel of the South of Tenerife was built there.
Farmers and ranchers of Tenerife profess a great devotion to their patron saint San Sebastian, but in a very special way to his wooden statue located on this coast of Adeje. Many miracles and healings are attributed to this holy image. Not only farmers and ranchers visit the chapel and the little church next door with their unique offerings, but also people of all ages with the hope to restore their health in a fast way in some cases, or to request or to fulfill a promise, in many others. It is also worth noting, that the events beeing celebrated in La Enramada provide an opportunity for the large Cologne Gomera, resident in this part of the island to meet each other, in addition San Sebastian is the patron saint of the columbian capital and the old church has an exact replica of the patron saint of La Gomera, La Virgen de Guadalupe. This festivity propitiates a meeting in which young and old revive a tradition that highlights the religious as well as contributes to strengthening the spirit of coexistence between people of the region.