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The south-west coast of Tenerife is one of the best places in the world to watch whales and dolphins, with 29 out of 81 of the world's known species either residing or passing through its waters. At Eden they are very conscious of the environment, and as they work with nature every day, it makes sense to them to help out in every way that we can. They then will do their best in their excursion to help it without disrupting.  
Golden Marlin is a company specialized in big game sport fishing chartering on the island of Tenerife. Founded in 1995, it's made up of a group of dynamic enthusiasts, who have a passion for fishing and the sea, who believe in what they do. Their success and dedication is shown in their achievements.
Kosamui works to offer you full-equipped sailing boats. Get on board in an unforgettable holiday, swim and enjoy the nature.Discover the nice sights that the sea and the sky perform all together, while the wind strokes your face in a nice sunrise accompanied by your family and friends.
MAXICAT is the one and only totally ecologically sound catamaran in Tenerife - the engine expelling no pollutants, nothing being thrown over-board and the guide providing all the relevant information concerning the whales and any environmental concerns in the local waters. The MAXICAT catamaran is built to glide through the water- it doesn't rock from side to side like other boats do. The sound -proofed hull minimizes engine noise (so as not to disturb the marine life and increase the comfort of the passengers), and its fibre glass composition ensures the boat is unsinkable. 
It’s the only glass bottom catamaran in Puerto Colón. Cruise to fabulous Los Gigantes and Masca in only 4 ½ hours the Royal way! On board you enjoy the space and comfort, sunbathing, observing the whales and the fantastic views. You can also relax in the shade in the elegant bar with a cool drink. There will be plenty of time for a swim in the clear waters by the tall cliffs. They serve a nice buffet lunch and drinks are included.
They are a small company dedicated to big game charter fishing. They have many years fishing experience. They specialized in big fish, specially Blue Marlin. They troll for White Marlin, Spearfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Bonito and all of the tuna species. Although trolling for a big game fish is never a guarantee, they try always their best to get something.
Live the experience on board an authentic oriental sailboat, completely constructed in teak hard wood, for the private use of an Arabian Sheikh.  A 5 hour trip, during of which you will see pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. The Shogun  holds a yellow flag with a "blue  boat" badge that guarantees the sightseeing of the whales and dolphins with their maximum welfare involved.
Maritime Sport of Tenerife has been for many years one the most prestigious center of activities in the marine industry. There have been many changes in technology and entertainment that have taken place in the company, adapting with the addition of modern boats and attractive activities. They have a team which develops each of their activities,  Jet Ski, Parascending, Banana, Fly Fish, Ski & Wake, with the professionalism that the clients deserve.
The Fast Fish is dedicated to sport fishing in Tenerife and Captain Daniel Palomero with over 10 years experience in the Canary Islands and other fishing grounds offer you the best service in trolling or bottom fishing, putting to reach high-end equipment and great knowledge of the local fishery. 
FlyBoard is put at your disposal so you can have the best fun possible. Come with them and live a unique experience moving under the water like a dolphin or raising you and flying over the water as an IronMan.
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