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Adeje has always been a magnificent shopping centre for visitors.  Not only does it still retain that character, but it has consolidated it. Costa Adeje is not part of EU countries in matters of VAT. Here, there is a special local tax (IGIC) which is  7% on the consumption. That is why everything is cheaper at all stores and best boutiques.

Plaza del Duque is the shopping center reference in Tenerife. They offer a unique shopping experience, personal attention and high quality in a pleasant atmosphere of a luxurious architecture. Well-known brands of prestige, and a wide range of restoration waiting for you.
Siam Mall is located at Adeje, in the southern part of Tenerife, one of the main tourist destinations of the world. It has two floors with more than 70 stores and has parking lots above and below the ground for a total of 1.100 free parking spaces for clients.
San Eugenio Shopping Center has an area of 10,392 m2, divided into four floors; three of them are commercial and one with 300 parking spaces.The Mall has 120 locals, distributed among the first, second and third floor where you can find a variety of shops, leisure and services.
Tenerife Pearl specializes in cultured pearls from all over the world. Tenerife Pearl is part of World Pearl, a reference in the sector since 1985, which guarantees the widest range of pearls in the market at very reasonable prices, with the most innovative designs and professional service. Marvel at the infinity of shapes, sizes and colors and enjoy their expert advice at any time.
The Market in Costa Adeje is definitely a market with the best location in the island of Tenerife and with great variety and quality of supply. It is located in the center of Costa Adeje, in the area of “El Duque”.
The Agromercado Adeje is the farmer´s market of the village of Adeje. The farmers sell fruits, vegetables, and sometimes prepared foods and beverages. It is open every Wednesday from 16:00 to 20:00h and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am till 13:30 pm.
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