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Corona Forestal Natural Park

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The Natural Park of the forest Crown has an area of 46612,9 hectares. There are several municipalities which are linked to this space, including ours. Within this space, specifically in the area of the valle de Güímar, there are two enclaves located villages: Las Dehesas and the peeled, where they keep agricultural traditional activities and, related to these, quarters of farming and wineries. It was declared by law 12/1987, of 19 June, Declaration of natural spaces of the Canaries, as Corona Forestal natural park, and reclassified to its current category by law 12/1994, of 19 December, natural spaces of Canary Islands.
As we are talking about a protected area with large, beautiful with large number of spaces throughout the island. For the South, in terms of our municipality is concerned, linda with the special natural reserve of the Gorge of hell, the protected landscape of Ifonche and Erques ravine.
The best samples of pine woods and high mountain vegetation are located in this space. The headwaters of many of the ravines that form the drainage network of the North and South of Tenerife, are also so it plays an outstanding role in the water harvesting and conservation of soils to erosion. The fauna and flora have a high endemic biodiversity among which are several endangered species and many protected by national legislation and international conventions. The avifauna of pinar has in this place a magnificent retreat, with several endemic species. There are also notable geomorphological elements (ravines, pythons, recent lavas) and representative of the island geology, some notorious singularity. Altogether, it is an area of exceptional beauty and landscape value.