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Footpath Boca del Paso – La Quinta

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From Boca del Paso, this alternative route of the path leads us to the northwest, to the ancient hamlet of La Quinta, which dates back to the sixteenth century.Along the way we can see traces of the important agricultural activity that took place in this region: Eras, old cultivation terraces, wood and stone culverts, cisterns and remains of ancient rural dwellings. The route ends near the Hermitage of Santa Margarita, dating from the late sixteenth century and it houses two major images: St. Margaret of Antioch and St. Lucia. Next to it stand out the big Era and the old washing area. During the sixteenth and seventeenth century the place where we find the hamlets of Taucho and La Quinta, separated by the ravine of Aponte, was known as Taucho. The name of La Quinta appeared later, in the late eighteenth century when the ownership of the land passed to the Marquis of Quinta Roja. Duration : 30min. Highest Slope:  94m. Lowest Slope: 119m. Length: 1,7Km. Level of difficulty: low.