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Footpath Camino de Teresme

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The path of Teresme was of vital importance to the inhabitants of the municipality since it facilitated the transit of people and allowed the exchange of goods between the coastal area and the zone of middle altitude.The path, at present, begins at the gate of the Casa Fuerte, near the Church of St. Ursula and the old Franciscan convent of Nuestra Señora de Guadelupe y San Pablo, declared as Value of Cultural Interest. A long and winding ascent, with some paved sections, leads to Boca del Paso, crossroads and great natural vantage point where we can enjoy a wonderful view of Chavor and the historic centre of Adeje, besides of the coastal shelf. From here and ascending on the Lomo de Las Lajas, we arrive at the crossing of El Aserradero, where we connect with the Camino de Ifonche. The road continues towards the summit, towards the area of Teresme, from which it derives its name, even towards the outer wall of the Cañadas. The economic importance that logging had, is evidenced by the existence of El Aserradero - The Sawmill where advantage was taken of the availability of water, for irrigated agriculture and to exploit timber resources. Duration : 2h 30min. Highest Slope: 37m. Lowest Slope: 807m. Length: 4,7Km. Level of difficulty: low.