Landscape protected from Ifonche

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The protected landscape of Ifonche has 774.8 hectares. This space is linked to the municipality of Vilaflor and ours. This protected area inside the entity of population of Ifonche, meets 31 inhabitants.
This space was declared by law 12/1987, of 19 June, Declaration of natural spaces of Canary Islands, as part of the natural park of forest Crown, and reclassified to its current category by law 12/1994, of 19 December, natural spaces of Canary Islands.
We can highlight this space the rural landscape of hamlets scattered, abundant irrigation and great beauty and harmony of the whole, where coexist areas transformed by the activities of man with small natural strongholds. The space is surrounded by roques Imoque, Los Brezos, etc., which give the area a picturesque scenic framework. Linda on its northern border with the Corona Forestal natural park and to the West, with the special natural reserve of the Gorge of hell.