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Practical Tips


The country code of Spain and therefore of the Canary Islands is +34, but if you want to get in touch with another country, remember to dial the corresponding prefix.

  • Germany: 0049
  • Denmark: 0045
  • France: 0033
  • Ireland: 00353
  • Norway: 0047
  • United Kingdom: 0044 
  • Russia: 007
  • Switzerland: 0041
  • Belgium: 0032     
  • Finland: 00358
  • Holland: 0031
  • Italy: 0039
  • Poland: 0048   
  • Czech Republic: 00420
  • Sweden: 0046

The weather

The average temperature on the island of Tenerife is around 22ºC, and it ranges between 18ºC and 33ºC, so we suggest you take some precautions when exposing yourself to the sun, avoiding peak sunlight hours (between 1pm and 4pm). You should also take into account the use of sun creams, especially those with a high protection factor.


    The time zone that corresponds to the Canary Islands is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This time zone is the same as in London.

Bank Holidays

Before planning your day, both in the municipality of Adeje and in the rest of the island of Tenerife, please note the following local bank holidays:

  • Municipality of Adeje

    20 January: Saint Sebastián
    9 October: Saint Ursula

  • Island of Tenerife

    6 January: Epiphany of the Lord

    2 February: Our Lady of Candelaria

    13 April: Holy Thursday

    14 April: Holy Friday

    1 May: Labour Day

    30 May: Canary Islands Day

  • 15 August: Assumption of the Virgin

    12 October: National Holiday of Spain

    1 November: All Saints

    6 December: Spanish Constitution

    8 December: The Immaculate Conception

    25 December: Nativity of the Lord

Although we are on an island focused on tourism, it is possible that on these days you will find some shops closed.

    El idioma oficial en Canarias es el español. En el municipio hay multitud de oficinas de información turística en las que podrás obtener cualquier información en varios idiomas y en la mayoría de establecimientos turísticos se habla también inglés, alemán, italiano y francés…

  • COIN

    La moneda oficial es el euro, al igual que en todo el territorio español, pero podrás cambiar tu  dinero en cualquier banco, casa de cambio, etc.. Además es fácil encontrar cajeros donde sacar dinero o realizar distintas operaciones bancarias.

Things you should keep in mind

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Keep in mind when you prepare your luggage that Tenerife is a volcanic island, with a great variety of landscapes and temperatures – make sure to pack some warm clothes if you intend to visit other areas of the island.

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The island of Tenerife stands out as a very safe tourist destination; however, we recommend you follow some precautionary measures to avoid any setbacks. Therefore, we advise you not to leave your belongings unattended at any time, but above all in very frequented and easily targeted places such as beaches, restaurants or tourist hotspots.

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The island has some hidden surprises that you shouldn’t miss, to ensure your trip is safe and satisfying. A wide range of car rental companies is at your disposal. Of course, remember to carry an ID document such as apassport, plus your valid driver’s license, essential to rent a car or motorcycle on the island… and drive away!

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To apply for the Canary Health Service, you simply need to reside in the European Union, with the right to healthcare and hospital care completely free of charge. If you reside in Spanish territory, you only need to show your health card. However, if you do not have a European Health Card, you will need to pay for medical assistance or be able to show medical insurance accepted by the health centre. It is also important to know that there are some medical treatments that the European Health Card does not cover. For any emergency situation you should call 112.

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Regarding the refund of VAT, this cannotbe requested because in the islands we enjoy prices without VAT – this tax does not apply in the Canary Islands. However, since this tax does not apply to the products of the islands, the prices of these will be much lower than in the rest of Europe.