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Golf courses, sky and sea form a part of the scenery in Costa Adeje, with the most complete infrastructures to ensure that golfers have everything they need. Costa Adeje has an extraordinary 27-hole golf course that meets the highest standards and is included in the PGA circuit.

Tenerife has a total of 9 magnificent golf courses.  This, together with its excellent offering of accommodation and extraordinary climate, allow golfers to play at any time of year, thereby converting the island into a golfer’s paradise and the leading winter golf resort.

The climate and the possibility of training at altitude or at sea level, with first class infrastructure, make possible that many national and international professional athletes choose Costa Adeje for their trainings. One such infrastructure is the High Performance Centre -Tenerife Top Training, which provides athletes with top level facilities and a suitable climate all year around to improve their physical conditions. They have an Olympic pool, a warming up swimming pool and a hydrodynamic flume channel which is the only one in Spain. 

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